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Fisheries Management

Fisheries Management


Indian Ocean coastal states share a keen interest in the management and conservation of the region's rich fish resources. Fisheries and related industries are critical in ensuring food security. The impacts of overfishing and climate change have accelerated the reduction of major fish stocks in the region. The newly established Fisheries Support Unit (FSU), hosted by the Sultanate of Oman, manages and spearheads IORA efforts to identify and discuss key fisheries-related issues mentioned in the action plan. It also serves to study proposals and facilitate research in areas that are of practical use to Member States. 

Policy Approach 

The FSU acts as a regional centre for knowledge sharing, capacity building and addressing strategic issues in the fisheries and aquaculture sectors. In order to tackle the challenges facing regional fisheries management, Member States should expand on this cooperative mechanism. In addition, it might be appropriate to find ways to remove barriers and boundaries between separate parts of the fisheries management process including science, policy and decision-making, and stakeholder engagement, so as to bring them together into regional management forums. 

The role of the FSU as an Advisory Committee for Fisheries and Aquaculture may be further explored. It has been reported that the future global demand for fish consumption will have to be met by aquaculture and, therefore, there is a need for further research and development in this sector. 

IORA may also consider developing regional/international networking to interact with other institutions sharing common interests in fisheries management. 

Fisheries management should be at the core of the new maritime policy that the IORA should consider developing as there is a need to build mutual understanding among all decision-makers and players of the maritime industry. Effective decision-making must also integrate environmental concerns into maritime policies as maritime pollution plays a major role in the decline of fish stocks. 

Recent Events

Event Date Venue Document
FSU-IORA Workshop on "Seaffod Producst Safety
and Quality" (Special Fund)
6-10 November 2016 Muscat, Sultanate of Oman -
IORA Workshop on "Seafood handling, post-harvest
processing and storage of fisheries and aquaculture products"
(ISDP Special Fund) 
1-2 September 2016 Moroni, Comoros -
IORA Trainer's Training Programme on Marine Aquaculture
(ISDP Special Fund) 
2-3 May 2016 Antananarivo, Comoros -
IORA Blue Economy Core Group Workshop on
"Promoting Fisheries & Aquaculture and Maritime
Safety & Security Cooperation in the Indian Ocean Region 
4-5 May 2015 Durban, South Africa -
Workshop on "Sustainable Aquaculture and Artisanal
Fisheries Development and Management in the Indian Ocean"
11-16 August 2014 Zanzibar, Tanzania -
Worshop on "Fishes Otolith-based ageing and stock assessment",
hosted by the IORA Fisheries Support UNit (FSU)
23-31 October 2013 Muscat, Oman -