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Gender Empowerment

Gender Empowerment 


At the recently held Council of Ministers meeting in Perth, Australia, on 1 November 2013, the empowerment of women and girls in the region was identified as an important cross-cutting issue as women have been important contributors to the economic and social development of the countries in the region - a fact that needs to be acknowledged and strengthened within the Association in the future. Empowering women and girls is regarded as an essential part of the solution to some of the most serious global challenges of today: food security, poverty reduction and sustainable development. 


IORA may consider the development of a framework for integrating gender perspectives in its programmes and activities and supporting gender analysis and equality in view of scaling up its efforts to close gender gaps, enhance economic growth and strengthen the sustainability of development initiatives undertaken within the region. It is envisaged that within all future project proposals along the six priority areas of the Association, empowerment of women should receive consideration as an important contributor to reducing unemployment and for the subsequent alleviation of poverty in the region. 

Education is emphasised as key to women's empowerment. It expands women's opportunities, enhances their capacity to develop their full potential and contributes to more equal gender relationships. IORA should support initiatives and efforts in the education sector that serve to promote women's education in the fields of science and technology and arrangements for training programmes for the empowerment and capacity-building of women in the region should receive attention within each priority area indicated above. There is also a need to strengthen women's economic capacity through education and training in business and entrepreneurship. Policy reforms aiming at removing barriers to women's ownership and leadership should be promoted. 

Gender-sensitive data bases and systems may also be developed to consolidate women's knowledge and experience in sustainable resource use and management. 

IORA may collaborate with other regional and international organisations working in the area of gender which could provide constructive strategies, insights and experiences and also allow the harmonisation of policies, approaches, and analytical tools for gender mainstreaming with these institutions. Collaboration with these institutions would enable the development of mechanisms for sharing information. In this regard, IORA may create a platform for sharing of experiences and strategies on gender mainstreaming and also for capturing fully the resources and efforts directed at gender mainstreaming and women's empowerment. Stakeholder participation and policy dialogue are important to enhance the integration of gender in the works of the Association. 

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