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IORA Business Directory - Comoros

Union Chamber of Commerce, Industry & Agriculture Banques de Développement des Comores
Contact Person: Mr Said Ali Said Athouman
Deisgnation: Secretary General
Postal Address: B.P. 763, Moroni
Telephone: 269 7730958
Contact Person: M MC Oubeidi (Mze Chei)
Designation: President
Postal Address: BP 298, Moroni, Comoros
Telephone: + 269-730818
Business Sector: Banking
Global Foorprints: Comoros
Comores Aviation International Banque pour l'Industrie et le Commerce
Contact Person: Mr. Jean-Marc Heintz
Designation: President
Postal Address: Moroni, Comoros
Telephone: +269-773 34 00
Business Sector: Aviation
Global Footprint: Madagascar, Tanzania
Contact Person: Mr. Louis-Marcel GERVINET
Designation: Director General
Postal Address: Place de France, Moroni,
Grande Comore, Comoros
Telephone: +269 73 02 43
Business Sector: Banking
Global Footprints: Comoros
Central Bank of the Comoros Idi Engineering
Contact Person: Mr A Dahalani (Ahmed)
Designation: President
Postal Address: Post Box 405 Moroni, Comoros
Telephone: +269-731002
Business Sector: Banking
Global Footprint: Comoros
Contact Person: M I Nadhoim (Idi)
Postal Address: Moroni, Grande Comore, Comoros
Telephone: +269-732309
Business Sector: Architectural and engineering activities,
technical consultancy
Global Footprints: Comoros
Comores Tours, Services and Safaris -
Contact Person: Not Available
Postal Address: str 12 Maktaba Mbeni Comoros
Mbeni, Grande Comore, Comoros
Telephone: +269-333829
Business Sector: Tourism
Global Footprint: Comoros, Tanzania, Madagascar, Kenya,
South Africa