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The Indian Ocean Rim Business Forum (IORBF) was set up keeping in mind the growing trend towards open regionalism and market-friendly policies.  IORBF seeks to build and expand mutually beneficial business and economic ties through a consensus-based approach.  Cooperation within the framework of the IORBF is based on the principles outlined in the IORA Charter and is consistent with the bilateral and multilateral obligations of Member States.

The main objectives of the IORBF are:-

  • To enhance the welfare of the people of the participating Member States through carefully-designed programmes to improve their standards of living and quality of life

  • To promote the sustained growth and balanced development of the region and of Member States
  • To formulate and implement programmes for economic cooperation in spheres such as trade, investment, tourism, science & technology, and human resource development
  • To remove impediments and lower barriers to free flows of goods, services, investment and technology across the region
  • To encourage closer interaction amongst industry, academic institutions, scholars and publics of Member States      

The IORBF may meet together with the COM and the CSO, or as often as mutually decided. Like the IORAG, It collaborates with the CSO and the Secretariat in the consideration, formulation and implementation of the policy and work programmes of the Association. The IORBF may also co-ordinate its activities with other non-governmental regional business networks, as necessary.


IORBF Meeting



1st Meeting of the IORBF

15 - 17 August 1995

Port Louis, Mauritius

2nd Meeting of the IORBF 

14-16 May 1996

Port Louis, Mauritius

3rd Meeting of the IORBF 

10-11 September 1996

Port Louis, Mauritius

4th Meeting of the IORBF

3-4 March 1997

Grand Bay, Mauritius

5th Meeting of the IORBF

30-31 March 1998

Le Maritim Hotel, Balaclava, Mauritius

6th Meeting of the IORBF

28 March 1999

Maputo Mozambique

7th Meeting of the IORBF

3-4 July 2000

Maputo, Mozambique

8th Meeting of the IORBF 

4 April 2001

Muscat, Sultanate of Oman

9th Meeting of the IORBF

5 May 2002

Muscat, Sultanate of Oman

10th Meeting of the IORBF 

8 October 2003

Colombo, Sri Lanka

11th Meeting of the IORBF

22 August 2004

Colombo, Sri Lanka

12th Meeting of the IORBF

17 February 2006

Tehran, I.R. of Iran

13th Meeting of the IORBF

5 March 2007

Tehran, I.R. of Iran

14th Meeting of the IORBF

30 April 2008

Tehran, I.R. of Iran

15th Meeting of the IORBF

21 June 2009

Sana'a, Yemen

16th Meeting of the IORBF

1 August 2010

Sana'a, Yemen

17th Meeting of the IORBF

 9 November 2011

 Bengaluru, India

18th Meeting of the IORBF

31 October 2012

Gurgaon, India

19th Meeting of the IORBF

30 October 2013

Perth, Australia

20th Meeting of the IORBF

6 October 2014

Perth, Australia