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ISDP Comoros 12-14 July 2017

IORA Sustainable Development Programme (ISDP-II)
IORA Training Programme on
"Enhancing Sustainable Port Services and Management in the
Indian Ocean Region for Improved Maritime Connectivity"
Mutsamudu Anjouan, Union of Comoros
12-14 July 2017


The characteristics of ports are increasingly becoming critical points in determining the competitiveness of a country to attract trade and investment for the creation of an economic zone. In so doing, it is necessary to develop trade corridors that would improve market access and increase fluidity of trade, though modernized port infrastructure for improving port connectivity. Therefore, maritime connectivity is one of the main challenges that require the attention of Member States. However, in maritime ports and related activities, there is continuous emergence of environmental issues that are becoming a competitive factor. Port infrastructure development may itself cause considerable damage to the environment. In addition, the environmental impacts of port construction and operations can threaten social consensus and thus the stability upon which ports depend. Therefore, it is imperative that attention should be geared towards protecting the environment and promoting the sustainable development of this important sector. 

In line with the above, this training programme will attempt to address several issues, as well as enable Member States to share knowledge and best practices related to sustainable port services and management, as well as shipping and port logistics for improved maritime connectivity in the Indian Ocean Rim region. The training programme will also focus on several topics such as: economic and financial Port Management; Port Strategic Planning & Management; Commercial Management of the Port; Sustainable Port Management Tools; and Safe Work Practices, Security and Environmental Protection for Sustainable Port Management; among others.


-To promote sustainable port services and management in the Indian Ocean Rim region;
-To promote trade in the Indian Ocean Rim region through improved maritime connectivity between IORA Member States
-To enhance existing regional and multilateral cooperation in the Indian Ocean Rim region;
-To facilitate movement of goods in the Indian Ocean Rim region;
-To promote sharing of information and knowledge on maritime connectivity strategies between IORA Member States;
-To strengthen a port networking in the Indian Ocean Rim region;
-To enhance technology transfer for port services and maritime connectivity;
-To improve ship registration using ICT within the Indian Ocean Rim region.


-Raise awareness in Indian Ocean Rim countries on the important role of the Seaport and Shipping sector in the Blue Economy concept;
-Enhance seaport and shipping-related services and infrastructures in the Indian Ocean Rim region;
-Sharing of information, best practices and experience in maritime connectivity strategies in Indian Ocean Rim region;
-Promote capacity building and networking between countries of the Indian Ocean Rim in the sector;
-Enhance regional cooperation among existing Seaport and Shipping instruments in the Indian Ocean Rim region;
-Improve shipping registration mechanisms among IORA Member States;
-Standardize Seaport and Shipping principles in the Indian Ocean region.

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