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Fisheries Support Unit

Fisheries Support Unit (FSU)

The Fisheries Support Unit is one of the flagship projects of the IORA organization and enjoys support of all IORA Member States.  The Fisheries industry provides a source of living and food security for millions of people in countries bordering the Indian Ocean Rim.  To be reiterating the need for greater cooperation among Member States, to share experience, consolidate and mobilize resources and enhance fish trade activities in full accord with broader international efforts to promote sustainable fisheries practice.  The challenge is to grow and sustain this important industry and to propose some solutions to the threats facing the industry, namely, illegal and over-fishing, the depletion of stocks and pollution of the Indian Ocean, to name just a few.


In November 2003, IORA Member States agreed to establish the Fisheries Support Unit (FSU) in Sri Lanka.  The Unit is expected to play an important role in enhancing the cooperation within the Fisheries Sector of IORA, better utilization of the Fisheries Resources, Expertise Exchange and conducting Joint Research Activities.

The Fisheries Support Unit (FSU) was officially announced in Sultanate of Oman in May 2004.


Since September 2001, the following developments took place for the establishment of the IORA FSU.






15-16 September 2001, Muscat,

First Meeting of the Group of Experts (GOE) on Fisheries

To discuss in detail the possibilities of future cooperation between Member States in the fields of Fisheries Research, Fisheries Management, Aquaculture and Fisheries Trade.
Strengthen cooperation between Fisheries and Academic institutes in IORA.


4-5 Nov 2002, Muscat,

Second Meeting of the Group of Experts (GOE) on Fisheries

To follow up recommendations of the previous meeting.
To discuss the formation of a Coordination Office and Fisheries Fund.


2-4 May 2005, Muscat,

First Meeting of the Fisheries Focal Points of IORA

The need for the FSU to develop its profile to improve collaboration and cooperation on Fisheries Issues throughout the region.


19-20 October 2008,  Muscat,

Second Meeting of Fisheries Expert Focal Points of IORA

Discussed internal by-laws for the FSU and operational matters.



16-19 January 2011,  Muscat

Workshop on Fisheries Biology and Stock Assessment

Several presentations were made by experts from different Member States highlighting their research in Fisheries Biology

Memorandum of Understanding

The Memorandum of Understanding giving the Objectives, Activities, Membership, Executive Committee, etc of the Fisheries Support Unit was drafted and proposed at the 1st Meeting of Fisheries Focal Point in Muscat, 2-4 May 2005.

This was adopted at the Ninth Council of Ministers in 2009.

Headquarters of the Fisheries Support Unit (FSU)

The Fisheries Support Unit will be headquartered in the Sultanate of Oman.  The Headquarters Agreement for Fisheries Support Unit is currently being finalised