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IORA Sustainable Development Programme (ISDP)

Member States of IORA are diverse in their respective social and economic capabilities and capacities. Their social and economic indicators have huge variations. While some of them are G20 members, others are situated at the other end of the economic spectrum.

This disparity in the capacities of the Member States is a challenge, as well as an opportunity for IORA. The IORA is confident that in the perceived challenge lies the solution.  In order to overcome the difficulties posed by socio-economic disparities separating its Member States, the Association has proposed to introduce a new programme known as the IORA Sustainable Development Programme (ISDP).

The ISDP is a project intended to serve the needs of the least developed Member States of the IORA and the project proposals are formulated by Member States that are covered under this program.  It an instrument of development to strengthen the capacities of the less developed IORA members which fosters regional cooperation and forge new partnership with IORA Member States especially with a focus on employment generation and poverty alleviation.

Objectives of the Programme

To encourage the lesser developed Member States to actively participate and to optimize the benefits from its cooperation with the Association.
To encourage peer-to-peer learning, capacity building, and the sharing of information, experiences and best practices;
To enhance the sense of community and belonging among the Member States and to strengthen the sense of participation  in  the activities and programmes of the  Association;
To extend the opportunity to the less developed Member States to  share their experience and expertise in specific areas that would benefit  their economies;
To create opportunities for  the less developed Member State to be able to host events  under IORA banner.

Proposal and Funding

The IORA Special Fund was established in 2004 to assist support and encourage the facilitation and promotion of activities in the six priority areas of the Association. As from 2015, the IORA Secretariat together with its least developed Member States has been cooperating to jointly identify areas of interest and where the need has been identified for capacity building.  The IORA Sustainable Development Programme is funded by the Special Fund which would provide 90% of the funding for the project which should not exceed a maximum total amount of US$60,000, with the remaining 10% to be the responsibility of the host Member State.